I’ve been working in IT for almost 20 years. And since the early days algorithms, security and databases was my main passions. I’m glad I tried myself in different languages (C/C++, C#, Pascal/Delphi, PHP, Ruby, Perl), technologies and roles at that times. It still helps me when communicating with colleagues from different teams.

During the last 10 years, I’ve been involved in designing and building complex distributes services and systems, processing large volumes of data and providing access to it. Nowadays I use Scala, Go and Python extensively and started to learn Rust recently (I hope I will be able to share my new Rust pet project soon).

I’m deeply involved in Data Engineering too. SQL Server was one of my key competencies through years, focusing on high availability and disaster recovery solutions, ETL processes, troubleshooting, performance tuning and developing high performance solutions. I’m amongst less than 300 people in the world with a Microsoft Certified Master certification on SQL Server and was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award during 6 consecutive years (2013-2019) for actively sharing my knowledge on it with communities all over the globe. And these knowledge helped me deeply understand other DB engines and successfully transfer previous experience to new systems. Now I’m working with different database engines: PostgreSQL, MySQL, ClickHouse, Kudu, Apache Cassandra, ScyllaDB, Redis, ClickHouse, Apache Hadoop, Spark and HBase to name a few.

I’m a public speaker and regularly present at various user group meetings and other conferences across Europe and USA.

I this blog I will share different tips and tricks about Scala, Python and Go programming, algorithms, effective usage of different database engines and architectural approaches. Modern trends in IT sector and overview of different technologies, which can make your life and job as a Software Engineer better. I believe that this will allow you to improve your skills significantly. Moreover, I will be very glad to receive your feedback, so feel free to leave comments and discuss the material.

Happy reading, Sergey.